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LPN Courses and Registered Nurse Online Courses – Can They Be Done Online?

Most people who are in the nursing profession start out as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), but to get promoted or move up to positions that are more responsible they can study to become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse online. For many young nursing professionals, studying online is a convenient option as it lets them balance their work and education without having to give up their jobs. For becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse online, an individual has to meet certain eligibility criteria.
The LPN courses are essential for a person to move up from a CNA as it teaches concepts in nursing, anatomy studies and communication skills along with practical training. Taking this course will help a person graduate from just providing patient care to identifying illnesses, administering medication to patients and most importantly communicating well with the patients and their families to provide them with information and support through the illness.

To qualify for the online LPN course, a person should have experience as a CNA. In addition, he or she needs to pass an entrance test and a drug test as well as have his or her background checked. Depending on which online school you choose to do your certification course from, the admission requirements may vary. The LPN online course can be completed within a year. Once a person becomes a LPN, then after some experience, it is possible to study to become a Registered Nurse online to further advance in one’s career.
The Registered Nurse Online License.

To get a license as a Registered Nurse, a person needs to get training before being certified. The course covers advanced concepts in nursing, patient care and additional subjects such as laboratory sciences and biology. To be eligible to take a Registered Nurse online course, applicants should have at least a year’s experience as a LPN. They must also have a Bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing.

IRegistered Nurse Onlinen addition, some programs may insist on additional requirements such as a letter of recommendation or college level Math and English. The Registered Nurse online course is spread over three semesters and takes around a year to complete. In addition, the person has to undergo a 10-week practical training. After this, he or she has to take the certification exam of the NCLEX.

There are many schools that offer the Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse online courses. You can check on their specific eligibility requirements to ascertain if you qualify. Taking the LPN or RN courses online can give a boost to your nursing career.

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