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Types of Medical Technician Jobs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a Medical Records Technician? Technicians are skilled or semi-skilled workers within a particular field of technology, who’ve established specific skills and knowledge related to their career. You will find many different types of technicians working within the health care field. Below are some of the more popular ones:

Medical Records Technician – A medical records technician compiles and maintains accurate medical information of patient’s condition, treatments and overall health care using standard classification techniques.

X-ray Technician – An x-ray technician is experienced at taking images of the inside of a patient’s body. These x-rays allow medical doctors to locate breaks, bone injuries or other problems hidden deep inside the patient’s body.

Biomedical Equipment Technician – A biomedical equipment technician is a very skilled technician that makes certain medical equipment is safe, functional and properly configured and meet medical standard guidelines. They are employed in hospitals, treatment centers, private sector and the military.

Dental Technician – A dental technician or technologist constructs custom made dental appliances including crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, orthodontic appliances and mouth guards.

Dialysis Technician – A dialysis technician works together with patients who are experiencing dialysis treatment as a result of acute renal disorders. They keep an eye on the patient and the equipment during the process of dialysis. They are primarily employed in hospitals with small and large dialysis units.

Medical Lab Technician – A lab technician is a medical expert who assesses body fluids like blood, urine, stool, spinal fluid, etc… using microscopic, chemical, hematological and bacteriological diagnostic procedures. They work in hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical research laboratories.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist – A nuclear medicine technologist operates a camera that detects and maps a radioactive drug in a patient’s body to generate diagnostic images. These images help doctors in figuring out the existence of disease in a patient.

Radiology Technician – A radiology technician produces x-rays of a patients’ body to assist physicians in diagnosing medical conditions.

Ultrasound Technician – An ultrasound technician uses imaging technology with high-frequency sound waves to acquire real time pictures of the abdomen, pelvis, heart, vessels, muscles, and other soft tissue structures in the human body, for the goal of detecting health concerns.

Sterile Processing Technician – A sterile processing technician is focused on infection control and aseptic techniques to clean and sanitize surgical instruments. They maintain the inventory and organization of all items and tools on medical carts utilized in operating rooms.

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